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  • Over 30 years experience in business marketing and advertising

  • 18 years experience in website design and internet marketing


"We have created more than 100 websites and have helped hundreds of businesses with their marketing needs all across America and Canada. As a business owner of more than 28 years myself, I believe we can help any business improve their business image, their business presence and most importantly...



Kellen Burgos - Owner: Business Solutions Agency LLC


“We've had nothing but outstanding service from Business Solutions and we're extremely pleased with both the design, the response and results we've gotten with our website.”
- Moen Sheehan Meyer LTD (Law Firm)
“The task of creating a website seemed overwhelming but it became fun working with Kellen!
Once you came up with the brand image for us,  you created a clear illustration of our mission. The final result was genius! We really appreciated that your customer service was personal and prompt. Thank you, Kellen."
- Clif & Lorna Wolfe (Tree Service)
“We're a new business and we were very aware that everything is internet based now. Once our new site was up we were so proud of the image that was created for our business. Thanks you so much. We started getting inquiries right away . We love it.”
- K. M. B. (travel site)
“Within the first week we had people telling us they were seeing our site at the top of the search engines. We really weren't expecting that but it was a very pleasant surprise. Lots of great comments and we started seeing more bookings right away.”
- Concordia Ballroom & Banquet Hall