FINALLY, the Secret Formula for success

is available for every HOME BUSINESS!

This PORTAL is designed to give you a direct path to the very best options in business opportunities and automated lead generation.

Everyone's looking for a genuine opportunity to make money from home...

without the hype & B.S. - For that to happen, you'll need all of the following:

  • You need a system that will generate fresh, targeted leads DAILY

  • You need a system that allows you to promote your business to those leads DAILY

  • You need a system that allows you to build a list into the thousands QUICKLY

  • You need a system that will store an UNLIMITED number of leads cost effectively

  • You need a system that will do the selling, telling and follow-up for you

  • You need a system that is both SIMPLE and very AFFORDABLE for everyone

  • You need a system and opportunity that generates both FAST and LONG-TERM income

Now you can have all of the above, in one complete business system.

Simplicity and automation is the very purpose that drives this concept.  

- The System -



Listed below!

SYSTEM FEATURE #1: Automated lead generation You absolutely must have a consistent flow of fresh,  targeted leads for your business. You can have the greatest product, service or opportunity but if you're not getting it in front of prospects DAILY, you're not going to get very far with it. This eliminates the #1 struggle for everyone in the home business industry. 

SYSTEM FEATURE # 2: Automated list building

You need to have the ability to continuously build a list of prospects to send your offer to. You need to be able to build your list LARGE and FAST. Our system allows you to build a list into the thousands. You will automatically build your list of 3000 - 6000 each month. That's 9000 - 18000 prospects in your system in just the first few months!

SYSTEM FEATURE # 3: Automated mass mailing

Even though some may jump on board right away, it's after people have seen, heard about your offer after a few times that they become more receptive and in large numbers. Psychologically, we all have that voice that says "I need to check this out" after we've seen something enough times. With our system, you'll be able to mail to your list DAILY!

"Every successful entrepreneur will tell you; leads and

list building are the "lifeblood" of any online business"

SYSTEM FEATURE # 4: Very low cost system

At just $30 per month for 100 - 200 freshly generated new prospects each day loaded directly into your system - that's UNMATCHED! Most other forms of advertising have gotten very expensive. You can easily spend hundreds to thousands per month with no assurance of return on investment.   

At a $1 per day along with UNLIMITED capacity,

you can't afford to NOT use this system!

BONUS FEATURE: Additional income stream

I think we can all agree, the value of this system stands on it's own without an opportunity to make money on the system itself. But here's the good news, get one other person to sign up through your system and your leads double from 100 per day to 200 per day! This system pays out on 5 levels. Just 6 sign-ups and your leads are FREE!


Your first question should be: Does this system really work?

The following are the stats that we go by when it comes to lead generation and online marketing:


Opens - When you send out an email to your list, how many people are actually opening that email?

Click-throughs - When a prospect opens your email, are they clicking on your link in the email for more information?

Conversions - Bottom line, once a prospect has gone through the first two steps, are they buying or signing up?

Again, we'll keep it simple and to the point. Even though there are no guarantees, the proof is in the numbers. Below are some screenshots that people have sent over that are as good as it gets regarding lead generation and automation!

Here is a screenshot of stats from a new affiliate (first 3 days and first 300 leads):

Here is a screenshot of stats from an affiliate who's been at it for just over a month and starting to do some big numbers:

Can you make money with MLGS? Imagine if you had something that the millions of

online marketers absolutely have to have. This affiliate proved what's possible:

There you have it, MyLeadGenSecret is as straight-forward and simple as it gets. For more details and sign-up, click on the button below. 



Listed below!

- Featured Business Opportunity -

My $20 Travel Business

"more than just travel - a lot more"

   WHY this business? The absolute mass appeal! It checks all the boxes including:

  • Low start-up - At just $20, it's a very low-risk, potential high-reward opportunity

  • Dramatically discounted services/products - that everyone wants and needs Rather than the typical overpriced products/services we're used to seeing in the Home Business world.

  • Travel is without a doubt the most popular and desirable product/service at the best rates

  • Both weekly income and potential long-term residual income of $20K per month or more!

  • A stand alone product/service - Many people sign up just for savings - potentially thousands!

  • Sign up just 4 members and yours is completely FREE!

So what else can you save on? Just about everything you already buy and do!


Live Shows




Sporting Events

Car Buying

Home & Family

There is so much more available to member/affiliates - It's a MUST SEE for 2020!

A key component to this business: The company does an

amazing  job of promoting, training and follow-up for you!

  • Live webinars - 3 times per week

  • Monthly promotions and incentives

  • Email, text and phone follow-up for you!

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