Now you can turn payment processing fees into profits!

Introducing EPX EDGE payment processing systems,

a service brought to you by PayProTec systems Inc. 

The new way of processing payments allows you to increase your bottom line each month significantly and permanently.

Over 50,000 businesses all across America have already switched over to our service - Here's why:

  • Instant, permanent savings

  • Transactions funded next day

  • Best rates - guaranteed

  • NO long-term contracts

  • NO interruption of service

  • Fast, Easy, same day analysis

  • FREE state-of-the art equip.

  • Contract buyout (if needed)

  • A+ customer support 24/7

  • A+ rating with the BBB

How does it work?


Businesses have been at the mercy of the banks & CC companies for decades, forced to pay higher and higher fees for payment processing services. We have developed the perfect solution with 

a payment processing software and system that automatically 

off-sets those charges while encouraging cash payments.


Review the steps below to see exactly how our system works and how quickly your profit margins will increase your very first month, year, then every year thereafter! 

1) Statement analysis - We'll do an analysis of your payment processing statements. Then we'll give you a complete, side-by-side comparison to show you exactly how much you will be saving with our traditional payment processing services (guaranteed best rate) or how to eliminate processing fees altogether with EPX EDGE. 

2) FREE equipment & Sinage - We'll set you up with state-of-the-art equipment. Your new equipment will be pre-programmed, so there's no down-time. You'll also be set up with signage to place wherever it's convenient and visible for your in-store transactions to make your customers aware of their options. 

3) Your customer experience - When your customers make a purchase, they'll be aware of a small charge associated with credit card purchases (which offsets processing fees) and they'll also be aware of the discount advantage when paying in cash. It's a WIN-WIN situation and an instant, permanent increase of profits to you! You have complete control of the system and all charges with the push of a button.

4) Support and service - One of the most important elements of the process and our overall service is the unmatched support and customer service we provide. No one can match the support system we have in place and we're at your service 24/7.


We'll show you a side-by-side analysis of exactly how much you'll save. How much more would you make each month if you eliminated all of your processing fees?

Don't procrastinate, it only takes a minute. Each day you put it off will cost you money.

Merchants served            50,000 +       

Payments Processed            $25 Billion +        

Better Business Bureau            A + rating           

Questions? Contact us anytime.

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