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Haley M. - Restaurant Owner

"By the second month it was like a nearly $900 per month increase of income having the CC payments covered by the system. That takes care of one of our biggest inventory expenses. That makes a major difference in a business like ours"

Dan L. - Medical Supplies

"This was one of the best decisions we've made in recent years. It didn't take much thought. A lot of what we sell are higher ticket items so those fees really add up over the course of a year. Putting that amount of money back in our pockets was a no brainer". 

Evan B. - Auto Dealer

"The only thing I would say is; I wish they'd of come up with this a long time ago. This would have saved us nearly $20K per year. That's about what it will end up being for us this year in our service dept. We couldn't be happier". 

Businesses have been at the mercy of the banks and CC companies for decades, forced to pay higher and higher fees for payment processing. We have developed a game changing solution.

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