Fast cash payout for your note!

We buy owner financed notes for

mortgages, businesses and more.

"We provide what no one else can"

Have an owner financed note to sell? We buy
Owner Financed Notes for all of the following:
  • Owner financed mortgage notes
  • Owner financed business notes
  • Structured settlements
  • Senior life settlements 
  • Lottery/gaming awards
  • Inheritance advances
  • Legal settlement advances​
  • No-performing loans
We specialize in buying owner financed notes  
for commercial properties and/or businesses.
Whether you're financing a business property or the business itself and want to sell, we can help. We work with businesses all across the U.S providing fast turnaround for the cash you need. 
Our process is simple and strait-forward:
1) You provide the details on the note you'd like to sell
2) We submit the details to our buyers/underwriters
3) We present you with the purchase offer from buyers
4) If accepted, the offer is filled out, signed and sent in
5) You receive the lump-sum for your note - THAT'S IT!
If you would like to turn your note
into cash for any of the following:

  • New Investment Opportunities

  • Purchasing a New Dream Home

  • Estate Planning and Distributions

  • Starting a New Business Venture

  • Settling Legal Matters / Divorce

  • Financial Planning / Paying Off Debt

  • Paying Unforeseen Medical Expenses

  • Covering Expenses Due to Job Loss

Backed by 23 years of experience - since 1997

We can help! Contact us today
for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

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